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Is Industrial Machinery/Components A Good Career Path?

Is Industrial Machinery/Components A Good Career Path?
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Are you planning to choose a career in Industries machinery/components field, And you’re willing to know if it’s an ideal choice to make. If I’m right, stick to this post and read it till the end.

Is Industrial Machinery/Components a Good Career Path?

No, industrial machinery/ components is a rewarding career path. Still, there are more disadvantages than advantage in this field, such as physically demanding work that may also involve working in challenging environments, such as factories or construction sites.

What Is Industrial Machinery Components Career Path?

Industrial machinery components is a field that deals with inventing and manufacturing machinery components and parts for Industries and other institutions. They are also in charge of maintaining and repairing them.

Disadvantage Of Industrial Machinery Components Career Path

Industrial machinery/components is a good career path. Still, on the other hand, it also has varieties of disadvantages that you might likely find difficult to accept, Such as:

1. Specialized Training

Working in industrial machinery/ components will occasionally demand special training in the field you specialize in, which comes after completing your education and gaining some experience.

2. Limited Job Opportunities:

Due to the long work hours and stress, workers might need help exploring other career advancement opportunities, which will limit their chances of taking a new step in their career.

3. Potential Safety Risks:

Industrial machinery components will include dangerous materials that are very risky, which can lead to injury or sickness. In some situations, the machines might malfunction unexpectedly and can be very risky.

Meanwhile, they also use chemical components that can affect workers’ health if preventive measures aren’t taken properly.

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4. Long Hours Of Work:

Another disadvantage of working in an industrial machinery components field is that workers are likely to work during weekends and holidays to meet targets, which might be stressful and limit their time with family or other commitments.

5. Exposure To Hazardous Materials

Lastly, the staff is exposed to hazardous materials that can cause severe damage like explosions, machinery malfunction, and system breakdowns that can be costly to workers’ life and health.

Best Paying Jobs in Industrial machinery/ Components

There are various high-paying jobs in the Industrial machinery/components field, and most of these jobs are for those in a management positions. These jobs also demand long years of service and Experience.

The following are the five best-paying jobs in Industries machinery/components career path:

1. Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Maintenance Workers: $74,000 Per Annum

These workers are typically responsible for maintaining and repairing industrial machinery and equipment. Their average salary is between $52,000 to $98,000 Annually in the United States.

2. Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, and Relay: $73,000 Per Annum

Their job is one of the best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components career path whereby they earn an average salary of $73,000 to $168,000 per Year in the United States.

They’re primarily in charge of repairing and maintaining electrical equipment in power plants and substations.

3. Industrial Production Managers: $120,000 Per Year

The Industrial production manager is an expert whose primary duties include planning, coordinating, and directing the production of industrial machinery components Industry. They earn an average annual salary of around $102,000 to $196,000 per Year.

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4. Mechanical Engineers: $96,099 Per Year

Mechanical engineers design, develop, and test mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines, and machines. They typically earn a median annual salary of around $86,000 to $134,000.

5. Manufacturing Engineers: $119,000 Per Year

Manufacturing Engineer job is among the Best paying jobs in the Industrial machinery/components career path, whereby their primary duty is to plan and develop new manufacturing processes and improve existing ones. Meanwhile, They earn around $87,000 to $132,000 on average per Year in the United States.


In this article, we explained the topic “is Industrial Machinery/Components a good career path,” discussing all you need to know about this career path.


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