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Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals

Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals
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Are you considering a career in precious metals industry and you want to know some of the best paying jobs in this industry. Then this article is for you.

In this article, we listed and explained the top best paying jobs in precious metals industry with their average salary. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals

There are numerous high-paying jobs in precious metals industry where you can earn a very good income. However, most of these jobs requires a certain level of experience before you’re eligible to receive these high-paying salaries.

Here is a list of the best paying jobs in precious metals industry;

1. Gemologist

A gemologist is someone who is knowledgeable and skilled about various gems and stones. Their primary duty is to examine gems to determine things like their composition, worth, quality, and authenticity.

Besides, gemologist gets an average salary of $61,117 in the US

2. Precious Metals Consultant

Precious metals consultant is one of the best paying jobs in the precious metals industry. Their primary duty is to provide guidance on precious metals to people and businesses, usually on a temporary or contract basis up until a particular need is met. They earn an annual salary of $85,196 per year.

3. Precious Metals Analyst

Precious metals analysts are professionals who analyse the precious metals industry. Their primary duty is to predict the future course of the market taking into account both research and market elements.

The average salary for a precious metals analyst is $82,360/year.

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4. Precious Metals Broker

A precious metals broker is a secondhand trader who frequently or usually operates in the business of purchasing used precious metals for resale.

Precious Metals Brokers make an average of $152,146 a year in the U.S.

5. Precious Metals Sales Agent

Their primary duty is to oversee and grow the company’s accounts and portfolios by purchasing, selling, and trading a variety of rare coins and metals.

Precious Metals Sales Agents make an average salary of $75,504 every year in the US.

6. Goldsmith

A Goldsmith creates, designs jewelries containing precious and semi-precious stones. This could entail shaping gold or other metals by casting, twisting, spinning, filing, and hammering. They also carve jewelry and secure stones in various ways.

Meanwhile, Goldsmith’s average salary every year is $46,437.

7. Quality Control Specialist

Quality control specialists are in charge of inspecting incoming precious metals to make sure they are free of flaws and made in accordance with internal specifications and outside regulations.

Their primary duty is to examine the metalworker’s quality and the settings’ tightness. They help to create client appraisals by assessing jewelry, looking up replacement costs, and creating formal documentation.

In the US, a Quality Control Specialist makes an average yearly pay of $44,217.

8. Jewelry Store Manager

A jewelry store manager is in charge of the day-to-day management of the jewelry store. Their primary duty includes managing the store’s staffing needs, handling customer service issues, preventing theft, and managing advertising and promotions.

In the US, a Jewelry Store Manager has an average salary of $58,970.

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9. Jewelry Specialist

Their primary duty includes supporting consumers in selecting jewelry that fits their preferences and budget, extending a warm welcome, helping them choose their jewelry, and explaining every aspect of the adornment

Jewelry specialists in the U.S. make an average of $37,618 per year.

10. Miners

A miner is in charge of efficiently running large machines and equipment that aid in the extraction and removal of different minerals, coal, and priceless rocks from quarries and mines.

Moreover, they earn an average yearly salary of $48,110 in the United States.


The precious metals industry is a good, rewarding and successful career path. Also, it is among the industries with high-paying jobs. With the above mentioned list, we have covered the best paying jobs in precious metals.

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