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5 Best Paying Jobs In Packaged Foods

best paying jobs in packaged foods
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Packaged food is a good alternative for people who find it challenging to prepare food in their various houses. Many people depend on packaged food, which has increased the rate of manufacturers in this industry and provided employment for people in multiple positions.

However, not all jobs are worth the chase, especially if you’re looking for a long-term career path with high pay.

So, in this post, we have listed and discussed the best paying jobs in packaged foods. Let’s dive in!!

5 Best Paying Jobs In Packaged Foods

There are varieties of career paths/jobs in packaged food field. Still, not all jobs are worth the chase, and we have compiled a list of the best paying jobs in packaged food, which can be affected by the location, Experience, or Qualifications of the applicant.

The following are the best paying jobs in packaged foods, such as:

1. Refrigeration Technician: $54,205 per year

Refrigerator technician is among the best paying jobs in packaged food Career Path. Their primary duty includes Installing, repairing, and maintaining commercial refrigeration systems; they also ensure proper temperature control and prevent food spoilage.

Meanwhile, refrigerator technicians earn an average Annual Salary of $54,205 to $63,406 per year in the United States, which depends on the company’s location and the employee’s qualifications.

2. Food Tester: $57,000 per year

Food tester job is also one of the top paying jobs in packaged food Career Path, and their primary duties are to test the taste, texture, and quality of the final food products to ensure they meet the company’s required standards.

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In addition, food testers earn an average annual salary of $23,000 to $67,000 depending on the employee’s qualifications and experience, although the location of the job also matters a lot.

3. Food Scientist: $64,000 Per year

Food scientist job is another top-paying career in packaged food Career Path, whereby they earn as high as $76,000 to as low as $32,000 per year in the United States.

Meanwhile, food scientists are responsible for Conducting research and developing food ingredients, processing methods, and packaging to improve the taste, nutrition, and shelf-life of food products.

4. Food Safety Director: $97,000 per year

With an average annual salary of $94,000 to $104,000 per year in the United States food safety director job is another high-paying career path in the packaged food industry.

Their job is one of the most prominent positions in a package food career path. They’re in charge of Developing and implementing food safety policies and procedures, managing food safety audits and inspections, and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

5. Flavorist: $120,000 Per Year

The flavorist job is another high-paying job in the packaged food career path primarily responsible for Developing and creating flavors for food products. They also use various raw materials to create unique and appealing taste profiles.

Meanwhile, flavorist earn an average Annual salary of $168,000 to $34,000, which largely depends on the size of the company, including the applicant’s qualifications and experience.


The packaged Foods career path is among the fastest growing field, providing various jobs in different positions, and we have listed and explained the best paying jobs in packaged food Career Path.

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